Globe Valves

RAC Y-pattern globe and check valves are designed to meet the requirements under the heaviest and critical duties like superheated steam at high pressure and high temperature.

The standard materials used for these valves are forged steels like A105, F22, F91, F92, F316, F316H, etc.

The main features for Y-pattern valves include high pressure drop, steam injection, steam blow down and quick acting isolation.


  • Body & bonnet. The body is always of forged steel and its alloys.
    The seat is integral with welded Stellite Gr.6. deposited with highly specialized and automatic procedure which guarantees the achievement of stated constant characteristics.
  • Disc. The disk is fully guided in the body to prevent shaking in any semi-close position and side thrust against stem. The disk is free to rotate independently of the stem. Any galling or spinning is avoided.
  • Stem. The stem is rising and non-rotating for all sizes and classes.
    Its material is stainless steel, suitable for the operating conditions.
  • Bonnet. The bonnet is screwed and welded to the body and it is made of the same material of the body. The sealing welding can be easily removed for inspection or maintenance.